Owner Review: Vuori Transit Jogger Pants

Owner Review: Vuori Transit Jogger Pants

About Vuori

Vuoris is pretty new on the scene. They make higher margin products and have a strong presence in San Diego's brick-and-mortar stores. The first product I bought from them were a pair of Meta pants from REI as I needed some casual but stylish pants for a trip. I didn't know what Vuori was at that time or that were based out of Encinitas which is just a stone's throw away from San Diego proper. Being a So Cal native myself, I decided to keep supporting their product offering and buy more items. One of those recent buys was the Vuori Transit Jogger in black.

The Transit Jogger

The Vuori Transit joggers were everything I was looking for in a casual pant. They work in a variety of scenarios. I've already run in them, went to work in them and wore them out to a restaurant. They are stylish and comfortable and can be worn almost anywhere really. They skew towards the athletic wear side in look and feel and won't pass as anything formal. They are basically a modern take on sweat pants but without the attached negative associations.


  • Great style – They are black high ankle pants. Can't really gripe about this. You might get made fun by Trumpers
  • Comfortable - No major seams or hard points to annoy you. Way better than denim. Even with zippered pockets, so much care and thought tucks them away so you don't notice them.
  • Mobility - The pants are 9% elastane (fancy for spandex). I can bend and stretch and drink beer without issue.
  • Construction - They are made pretty well with strong stitching everywhere I can find. For the price, I would hope that is the case. They seem to be double layered too. The should be durable


  • Polyester. Plastic pants will make you sweat. Summer will probably give you some sweaty knee caps.
  • Made in China. It's 2020, we don't need to do this anymore.
  • Questionable waist elastic durability. Time will tell if the elastic lasts more than a few months.
  • Hard to get take off -- When removing the pants the ankle elastic is tight and makes taking the pants off a little bit...acrobatic.

Overall the Transit Jogger is a good piece of every day clothing. The price is high but it almost always found cheaper. There are coupons and sales to be found.  I'd recommend them!