Review: Cave Shake (2018)

Review:  Cave Shake (2018)

Cave Shake is an upstart brand likely gaining traction by being mentioned on Joe Rogan's JRE podcast. The Cave Shake company hails from Los Angeles. L.A. and California in general seem to be epicenter for alternative, health-conscious drinks. Cave Shake is no exception. It boasts the following tagline: "The original keto, paleo, vegan, ready-to-drink coconut milk shake." That's a lot. Cave Shake is all the things apparently. This is a look at the 8 ounce jar so let's break it down a bit.


The vanilla Cave Shake is...sweet!  Really sweet. Stevia is the choice of sweetener here. The sweetness was almost off-putting at first and really made me wonder if this thing was really ketogenic. It's one of those things you'd enjoy earlier in that day rather than later. The keto crowd appears to be high on Stevia as it apparently doesn't spike blood sugar levels like some other alternative sweeteners. Besides the sweetness, there's not much else to notice. It's drinkable enough and no lingering tastes seem to be present.  


The texture of Cave Shake is like paint; good ol' latex paint. Thick and viscous, it coats your throat! It thins up quite a bit when left at room temperature. The good news is that the substance is highly water soluble (being vegan helps this) so a quick swig of water will take that thick sensation away quickly.  


The serving size is 6 oz. The Cave Shake is 8 oz. A full "jar" is about 430 calories. It can be used as a meal replacement at this rate. Check out the official label.

Cave Shake Vanilla Nutrition Facts


Cave Shakes are not cheap. They are about $8 each. I found my specimens at Lazy Acres in San Diego. It's only barely cheaper than BIC Wite-Out, though you shouldn't be drinking that. The Shakes are not easy to find and can be ordered directly from For what they are, they are an average deal. If you're really chasing the keto rabbit, these will work. If you're just looking for a low-carb meal replacement, they also work but likely aren't worth the price for that purpose alone. Lastly, I put the year 2018 in the title to denote that drinks in this realm seem to change recipes, especially as popularity increases. Drink up!